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The Revoirs live in a Cape Cod style home in Middlesex, NJ. This type of home is common for this area. The Revoirs called Skylands Energy so that we could assess the problem that they had with their boiler.

After George Lauck inspected their system, he determined that the Revoirs needed a boiler replacement. Since this occurred in during the heating season, we quickly installed a new Peerless boiler for their Middlesex home.


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Revoir boiler replacement
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Problem: The Revoir residence did not have any heat or hot water in their home. After our technicians came out, we found that they had a cracked and leaking boiler.

Solution: We replaced their old and outdated Peerless ECT 03 system and installed a brand new Peerless WBV 03 boiler with a tankless coil.


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Peerless WBV 03 Boiler Installation

A boiler replacement is not a process that takes a great length of time. Therefore, the Revoirs did not have to go without heat for a considerable amount of time. We were able to install their new Peerless boiler quickly so that they could feel comfortable in their home once again.

The original heating oil boiler that they had was a Peerless ECT 03 with a tankless coil. Because they loved their original Peerless boiler so much, they opted to replace it with the more modern and energy efficient Peerless WBV 03 with a tankless coil.

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We promote these system for many reasons. It’s no surprise that they installed another Peerless boiler since the Revoirs had a great experience with the first one that they had. However, their original Peerless had been used far past its expected lifespan.

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Their new Peerless boiler offers many advantages that their old one did not anymore. The Peerless WBV 03 is extremely energy efficient. It has an AFUE rating of 87.5%. For this reason, it has an Energy Star label. With this unit, you get more heat while using less heating oil and energy. This translates into a reduction of their home heating costs. The Revoirs certainly appreciate that.

The Peerless WBV 03 comes in three different sizes. All of them have 8 firing rates. They have between 3-5 sections. It is made from cast iron with a steel outer shell to prevent heat loss. They all have steel push nipples. This unit is very easy to repair and maintain because it has a swing door which allows easy access to its internal components.

The Revoirs are happy that they upgraded their boiler. Their old unit had cracked and was leaking. It got to the point where they did not have heat in their home. Before it got to this point, they said that they noticed that their home was not evenly heated for quite some time and that their old unit was consuming a lot of energy. Also, taking a long hot shower became a luxury.

With their new unit, they will enjoy a comfortable, balanced temperature throughout their home. Also, they can enjoy long hot showers. Mr. Revoir claims that he really enjoys a nice long hot shower after being out in the cold.

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Facts About Leaking Boilers

First and foremost, it should be noted that any boiler repairs should be done by a trained professional only. Do not attempt a boiler repair yourself unless you have the proper training and certifications.

When your boiler leaks, it is actually a problem that should be considered serious in nature. Sometimes, it indicates that an internal component is broken. This includes a seal or a valve. However, in more serious cases, this leak can cause corrosion and rust within the unit. The electrical components that are inside of the unit can short circuit. We have seen some cases where a leaking boiler leads to major structural damage of the home. Therefore, when you notice that your boiler is leaking, be sure immediately address the issue by giving Skylands Energy a call.

Contact us today for a free estimate on replacing your oil boiler. We also service and install heating systems. Click here for more information.

Causes For Boiler Leaks

Finding the root cause for a boiler leak is challenging. You need to know where the leak started. Some boilers leak from the bottom and some leak from the inside. Below are some common reasons for boiler leaks.

Pressure Valve: If a boiler is leaking from the pressure valve, this could indicate that there is too much pressure in your boiler. A boiler’s pressure should be between 18-21 PSI. When the pressure is higher than this, it leaks water from the pressure relief valve so that you boiler doesn’t blow up. Limescale and other sediments can cause more pressure to build in your boiler as well. After any obstructions are removed from your boiler, the valves will need to be replaced.

Temperature Valve: When the temperature of the water in your boiler is too high, then water may leak from the temperature valve. There may be an issue with your boiler’s temperature probe.

Corrosion: Many boilers leak due to corrosion or rusting. The corroded or rusted elements within the boiler will cause it to leak. A corroded tank will also cause a leak. If the reason for the leak is due to a corroded element, then it can be replaced. However, if elements and the tank are corroded, like the Revoir’s boiler was, then you will need to install a new boiler. This means that the corrosion and rust has spread to the point beyond repair.

Pipe Fittings: For gas boilers, water may leak around the pipe fittings. If this is the case, then it is possible that your boiler was installed incorrectly.

Boiler Pump: Leaks that originate from the seals of the boiler pump require a replacement or a resealing of the pump in order to correct the problem.

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