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We feel that displaying actual jobs, and details from each job, you will be better armed with the information needed to make the proper decisions for your home. This page contains a compilation of projects that Skylands Energy has performed in Central New Jersey. We encourage you to browse through these case studies and feel free to contact us with any questions.

oil boiler installation in Rahway

Peerless Boiler Install In Rahway NJ

The Cipolla family did not have any heat in their home since their boiler broke during the cold snap. They took advantage of our emergency no-heat services.

Problem: The Cipolla residence did not have any heat when Skylands Energy arrived at their home. It was extremely cold outside and so fixing their problem quickly was critical. Upon inspection, we identified that they had an older, American Standard boiler. The boiler was cracked and because of the crack, it had been leaking and was not repairable.

Solution: We quickly installed a new Peerless Steam Boiler and got their home warm and comfortable again. They had a great overall experience because the boiler system installation was fast and we were able to find the best and most affordable solution to meet their heating needs.

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Linden NJ Peerless Boiler Installation

Peerless Boiler Installation In Linden NJ

The Lemongelli-Medoya family noticed that their home felt uncomfortable and they were paying higher than normal energy bills. They needed a new boiler. Skylands Energy removed their old system and quickly installed a new one.

Problem: The Lemongelli-Medoya home felt uncomfortable. Their American Standard hot water boiler had exceeded its lifespan and had a cracked heat exchanger. Since they were unaware of this problem, they attempted to compensate for their heating issues by cranking up the heat. They were paying exorbitant heating bills and they still felt cold.

Also, they could not count on their boiler to provide enough hot water to wash the dishes or to shower. In fact, they had many instances where the hot water would run out in the middle of a shower. When they started to see soot, they knew it was time to give Skylands Energy a call.

Solution: When a boiler has a cracked heat exchanger, it is irreparable. Skylands Energy replaced their existing American Standard boiler with a new, energy efficient Peerless WBV-03 Boiler.

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heating oil tank install job in hillsborough nj

Heating Oil Tank Installation & Old Tank Replacement In Hillsborough NJ

The Finks needed a new heating oil tank and they needed to remove their old one. Skylands Energy moved the tank from their basement and installed their new one outdoors.

Problem: The Finks had an old oil tank that they were depending on. They gave Skylands Energy a call because they were worried that their tank would not make it through another heating season.

Solution: We proactively removed their old oil tank and replaced it with a new Roth 275 gallon double-wall oil tank. Their old tank was located in their basement and we installed their new one outside.

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Revoir boiler replacement

Peerless Boiler Installation Middlesex NJ

The Revoir home needed a new boiler because their old one was leaking and cracked. They noticed that their home felt cold and they count on having enough hot water when they needed it.

Problem: The Revoir residence did not have any heat or hot water in their home. After our technicians came out, we found that they had a cracked and leaking boiler.

Solution: We replaced their old and outdated Peerless ECT 03 system and installed a brand new Peerless WBV 03 boiler with a tankless coil.

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Boiler Replacement For A Three Bridges, New Jersey Home

The Raboskys needed a new boiler. Their old one was giving them service issues, where their home would feel cold and they would not have hot water.

Problem: The Rabosky residence called Skylands Energy Service because they noticed their home was not as comfortable as it used to be. They had started experiencing more cold spots and uneven temperatures. Additionally, they noticed that their energy bills had increased unexpectedly. Taking a hot shower became an issue because the water would feel colder than normal.

Solution: After examining their existing equipment, we determined that it was more cost effective to upgrade it. Working with Rabosky family’s budget and needs, we replaced their old Burnham boiler with a new Peerless WBV-03 steam boiler.

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Doyle heating oil tank replacement

Oil Tank Replacement In High Bridge, New Jersey

The Doyles noticed that their old heating oil tank was showing signs of deterioration. They were worried that it would not make it another heating season.

Problem: The Doyles had a old steel fuel oil tank that was rusty and worn. It had been used far past the normal lifespan of a heating oil tank.

Solution: We replaced their old steel tank with a new Roth 275 gallon double wall oil tank. Their new tank offers many benefits that they did not receive from their old and outdated tank.

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Tamaroff HVAC system replacement

HVAC System Replacement in Flemington, New Jersey

The Tamaroffs needed a new heater and air conditioning system for their Flemington NJ home. Our technicians installed a new new Carrier furnace and central air conditioning system for them quickly and affordably.

Problem: The Tamaroffs were using old and outdated furnace. Last winter, they experienced various problems that are commonly associated with using inefficient heating systems. During our inspection, we noticed that their air conditioning system uses the outdated refrigerant, R-22.

Solution: We replaced their HVAC system with a new Carrier furnace and central air conditioning system. The replacement HVAC system is more efficient, uses the government approved Puron® coolant, and will provide a better level of comfort.

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boiler installation Woodbridge NJ

Peerless Boiler Replacement For A Woodbridge NJ Home

The Cheesmans needed a new boiler for their Woodbridge NJ home. Our technicians quickly and affordably installed a new Peerless boiler for them.

Problem: The Cheesmans gave us a call because they noticed that their home was not being comfortably heated. Additionally, their energy bills had increased. When we arrived at their home, it was discovered that their boiler had a leak.

Solution: We replaced their old system with a Peerless WBV-03 steam boiler.

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boiler install job in Flemington NJ

Heater Installation For A Flemington NJ Home

This project involved the installation of a Energy Kinetics boiler in the Butt’s home located in Flemington, New Jersey.

Problem: While conducting a service call due to no heat and no hot water, our service technicians noticed that the Butt’s old Burnham Jubilee boiler was leaking. Also, the system was old and did not provide adequate heat or hot water.

Solution: We replaced their old system with an efficient Energy Kinetics System 2000 EK-1 Boiler and a 40 gallon indirect water heater.

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Heating System Installation For A Neshanic Station NJ Customer

This project involved the installation of a Thermo Pride furnace and a Bock 32E water heater in the Muller’s home located in Neshanic Station, New Jersey.

Problem: During our annual heater tune-up, our service technicians discovered that the existing York furnace had a cracked heat exchanger.  Additionally, the Muller’s home was not heated comfortably and they had noticed a significant spike in their energy costs.

Solution: In addition to the new water heater, we replaced their old furnace with a new Thermo Pride OH6 Highboy.

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boiler installation Flemington NJ

Garcia Boiler Installation

This project involved the installation of an Energy Kinetics 2000 boiler in the Garcia’s home located in Flemington, New Jersey.

Problem: The Garcias live in an Old Colonial home. They still had a cast iron boiler that was approximately 30 years old. When the Garcias purchased their home 30 years ago, the boiler system came with the house. Therefore, the boiler could be much older. It got to the point where, by the end of the day, they would have to potentially go without heat or hot water.

Solution: The Garcias contacted Skylands Energy because they knew that they needed a new heating system. We removed their old boiler and replaced it with a System 2000 Energy Kinetics-1 Boiler and a 40 Gallon Indirect Water Heater. We did all of the necessary modifications of all the piping & wiring.

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energy efficient oil boilers

Sheperdson Boiler Installation

This project involved installing a new Peerless boiler in the Sheperdon’s home located in Rahway, New Jersey.

Problem: The Sheperdson household in Rahway, NJ had an 23 year old boiler. Their old boiler was being utilized far past its life expectancy. For this reason, they were paying higher than normal energy bills. Additionally, their home did not feel as comfortable as it should. Their boiler needed frequent repairs which added to their already high operational costs.

Solution: The Sheperdson gave Skylands Energy a call because they noticed that their heating costs had skyrocketed and their boiler seemed to be malfunctioning very frequently. We removed the old cast iron boiler and replaced it with the energy efficient Peerless WBV-03 steam boiler.

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roth oil tank installation Lebanon NJ

Oil Tank Installation in Lebanon NJ

The Sanfords needed a new oil tank and we were able to help them with a new Roth tank in their Lebanon NJ home, quickly and affordably.

Problem: The Sanfords noticed that their old oil tank was dripping. It was located in their basement and it had not been replaced for quite some time.

Solution: Skylands Energy replaced the failing 275 gallon oil tank in the basement. A new 275 gallon Roth double wall oil tank was installed in its place. Fill pipes, vent pipes, and new oil lines to the heating unit were also installed.

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Rahway NJ Home

Peerless Boiler Replacement Randolph NJ

The Blauvelts needed a new boiler heating system.  We were able to help by installing a new Peerless Boiler in their Randolph NJ home, quickly and affordably.

Problem: The Blauvelts live in a bi-level family home located in Randolph, NJ. They had an old, under-performing boiler that needed to be replaced. Their old boiler was heating their home and water unreliably. Furthermore, they have accumulated a high number of expensive repair costs in the last couple of years.

Solution: The Blauvelts knew that the time had come to replace their boiler. They originally had a Utica SF-415OWT which was replaced with an exceptionally energy efficient Peerless WBV-03 T heating system. Skylands Energy did the installation as well as the retrofitting for all new piping and wiring.

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new peerless steam boiler installation in this New Brunswick NJ home

Heating System Installation New Brunswick NJ

The McCarthys needed a boiler in their New Brunswick NJ home.  We installed a new Peerless Boiler in their home. This installation made the winter much more enjoyable for the McCarthy household.

Problem: The McCarthys live in an New Brunswick Victorian home that had an old Weil McLane steam boiler. It has been in use for over 23 years, which is far past its expected service life. They noticed that it was leaking water. Recently, it had given clear indications that a replacement was inevitable. Their home was not heated comfortably. They also had increased energy costs and experienced sporadic hot water outages.

Solution: The McCarthys called Skylands Energy because they wanted to know what their options were. Ultimately, they had to make a decision whether or not to repair their boiler system or to replace it. After consulting with Skylands Energy, they decided to replace their old Weil McLane steam boiler with a highly efficient and reliable Peerless WBV-03 Steam Boiler. We installed their new boiler with a coil so that they could have a reliable hot water heater. Additionally, we did all of the modifications of their wiring.

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